Don't be accidental.
Lead from your Highest and Best.

Everything around you is impacted by your leadership. If you’re not at your best – those around you feel it. Life is too short and too important, to be accidental or mediocre. Whether you are a CEO, Pastor, or Parent, we help you re-discover and live at your highest and best. 

The opportunity is in front of you. Take the best, next step and let us hep you navigate you and your teams best future. 

The Luminary Journey

(Re)Discover Who You Are

Long, long ago you dreamed of your best life - its was filled with extraordinary dreams and possibilities, but life has a way of boxing us in and keeping us from becoming that person. We help you recover and reimagine what it means to live intentional while learning about your unqiue kryptonite.
(Stage 1: 4 - 6 Weeks)

(Re)fine Your Purpose

Your life often leaves an accidental wake, but we guide you to harness the intentional purpose of your leadership. By articulating your purpose and values, we help you define the direction and arc of your life. Our world-class tools create a framework for you to navigate this season and every season to come.
(Stage 2: 1 Day Onsite)

Build the Future

Your purpose is no good without the right structures and systems that bring out the best in you. We help you build the team, systems, and structures you need based on who you are and your purpose to maximize your ability to make an intentional impact.
(Stage 3: 2-4 Weeks)

Why Luminary?

We help leaders and their teams create the best possible future for their lives.  With an integrative approach to coaching, strategy, and personal development we help you become the leader serving the team to be their best.

Based in research from over 5,000 leaders, global organization building, and a biblical worldview. We help you navigate the future that maximizes your influence and leadership in this life. 

Recently, we’ve helped leaders:

  • Thrive through executive team conflict.
  • Work through team conflict
  • Launch trans-national organizations
  • Scale multi-continent organizations
  • Re-org multi-state companies
  • Personally navigate M/A transitions
  • Resolve family conflict and drama
  • Implement strategic systems, planning, and team development
  • Start and build community alliances and mission focused networks